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of the elderly man including a possible motive in the continuing search for the middle son. >> authorities said the tire wednesday's surge in this business park in hercules
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they're looking for this man, 35 dropped for the solace is a missing since saturday. police thought they could find here because this is the area where they found abandoned cadillac escalate. investigators say the last person who drove the says he beat was a friend call tomorrow. he's been connected to all of the killings. castellano of his dead or alive. they did not find him here on wednesday. >> key to kron4 for this changing, developing story we will also give you the latest on our website and factory posted the latest news conference in its entirety will have all the routine details there as well. new this morning, san francisco police are searching for this woman with the same may be a risk because she suffers from alzheimer's. she was reported missing after she left behind near the visitation valley she
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only speaks cantonese. sherrard and the states a month ago to visit her son, she is known to frequent mclaren park. 5 ft. three, under tons, a gray hair brown eyes last seeing red shirt and black friends and shoes. authorities are looking for a banker or pretend least nine banks he just struck again yesterday. these are surveillance photos of the robber. this ensures a much the bank. back in july, he gave the man known to the teller, to call for an undisclosed amount of money, is believed to be responsible for errors in mt. view, los gatos, mill park, daly city and pacifica. new details on the tropical storm warning that has been issued for new york's long island closed. you
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can see the winds really picking up in this video. and the surfers getting russia to. 30,000 residents have been told to move inland. the net as hurricane earl had their way. mandatory evacuation order. category 4 storm as it is a great now has more wins above 135 m.p.h.. it could rosa thread late today or tomorrow from north carolina up to new england's. check out nasa just released as sending a very of hurricane are, from space, this is what looks like you can see this monster category for that is barreling toward the east coast. it's expected to lose some steam after to run night. it is predicted to bring heavy rain, high surf, gusty winds as it moves north. new details on the golf course or a skilled
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engineers agree to try and remove this cap on bono well that was the worst offshore rose mill in u.s. history. officials say it's unlikely that more crude oil leaking to the gulf. oil collection vessels will be on standby in case there is a standby. bp assesses them more than $5 million a week on advertising since the gawps bill. does three times the amount that the huge expense, the kron resources that bp should spend more money on spill victims and less on polishing up its image. will iraq was more interested couple of minutes on the steamy air around the bay. it is a warm one of their another spear the airdate. a live look of the james lick. no fog. all ãqw@,
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tediously bouquet in the heat? it is a holland state inland 101 in solid rear far to go out of various knuckle down. you can see by the bay 89. of the beach is look terrific for a next several days and then they slide down. following those temperatures you can see saturday, sunday inland there will retain some he does not 100 degrees more like 90, 85. a quick look to the market headlines, stock futures are mixed. following yesterday's the labor department today releases its weekly jobless of renewed claims are expected to rise by 2002475. analysts say new claims need to fall are lower for
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sustained job growth. retail chains are scheduled to release their august sales numbers. will consumers spend a bit more in this previous august back-to- school spending has been a lackluster. investors are surely going to keep an eye on federal reserve >> a good through elementary schoolteacher is under arrest for possessing child take a look ahead at this version of antioch, he is a teacher at the loss madonnas. he was arrested there. police say they felt in several computers and storage devices containing thousands of images of child pornography. he's also a coach is a lifeguard for local centimes.swim team.
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firefighters stayed on the scene of your black ass by checking for hot spots that fire is near eye-808 grew quickly, fuelled by wins. crews can take it contains it. it is a remote area no structures no word on the paws. meantime fire crews and southern california are trying to contain a wild fire it is a brush fire richard 80 a. so far. not turning in the homes are business 300 firefighters are fighting the fire. at this point is 40 percent contained they're hoping for full containment by midnight. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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there is a shot of san francisco i can believe how warm it is as bad sleeping weather. i remind he and his eyes closed other night. >> you gotta have the steps of your display boards in my spare. here's a look good side from a downtown sentences for, a clear shot not doing any fraud. in practice for the warmth of their 71 degrees. when in michigan at the day's high temperature 86. mostly sixties. upper 60s disorder 70 degree mark in hayward. concord. still sitting in the '70s this morning in antioch. as a maker way to the they will warm up pretty
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quickly premature '60s, '70s new notice will was read, that indicates '90s, but to the '90s for to quickly the purple shorts as the triple digits right to the central valley spilling over into antioch. livermore. here's a look at some other numbers 98 degrees and santa rosa 94 novato. richmond the 100 degrees. we will seek triple digits, we could get to run a hundred and antioch. 11 you're livermore. macy's and triple digit readings as well los gatos. pretty warm as well mountain view coming in and 97. same for the city. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. highlights a cooling trend continuing to drop temperatures are courses are in thrall but still in the mid-90s. not try latter part of your weekend releases temperatures dip down into the '80s will stay that way
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for your labor day some borrowers rob '70s around the big 60's for the coast. kohler forecast next week. darya. >> always give her something to complain about why can we have bought or there for labor day. but forget it. bay bridge, caltrans is your work in the upper deck, exports to the planes to be closed between the incline and the islands. traffic is light, no back to the delays. dry time for the macarthur maze to the city is nine minutes. that's the benefit of getting of the door this early. cemetery near delays common folk directions are great. toro and as to the job was to 11. golden gate looks good. one current a couple on the other direction crystal clear the air and george r. purcell about 11 if you're in iran from highway 37 the drive time is 21 minutes to get your
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to the toll plaza. san jose, and no problems said they looks good. dry gen that's the right inside and to send a clear is just road less. an update on a see change address, the board met last night trying to decide which services to drop because of the shortfall. on the table to cut from what we can service dropping certain lines or cutting back the service on certain times. jets could begin in december. no final decisions were made last night the board meets again later this month to ac transit bus serves the commuters and i mean and crush a giant. the first debate was held last may between their credit barbara boxer and republican curly figure in it. in a sharp exchange the to start over offshore drilling gay marriage
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and afghanistan by undocumented workers and much more with california's unemployment rate jobs really took center stage. >> i know why those jobs go. because china like brazil, gives it can't raise huge tax credits to help them cut deregulations there or r&d. provide access to credit that is what we need to do. we know the ship jobs overseas. we know that she fired workers tens of thousands of we also know is she is a rose every jobs bill that we were wrong. >> boxer is taking a third term. is the former cero of hewlett- packard. 20 percent of voters are independent. world news day 29 underground for the miners, a
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new video of shows they are pretty good spirits. chase is a clean shaven and wearing new clothes, clean clothes. and they're sleeping camp beds. it's a murder 23 minute video made available to families it was shown to reporters yesterday. >> trapped in the depths of the earth but spirits are high. try to reach the land errata reminders. you can see things done here change. in this new videos and to the surface waters to the cavern sharing how he and the comrades are holding out. since researchers found a
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live 10 days ago serai russians have been delivered by it borrows. in these metal tubes, miners are getting food, water, medicine, clean clothes camp beds and music are 93 players. the music as arrived and organizing to this party. the super happy and we been dancing to a couple songs. the soul of the globe were dolls. above- ground seen the new video certain expressions. >> of course i am sad, i miss him so much. they're happy their contents. we're really grateful
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to robert mercer above making great sacrifice, when a promise pretty big and it's hard work. an explosives expert with nursing experience is keeping close watch on the men's roles. bart directors reached the mine wednesday to show lessons they've learned about keeping astronauts live in outer space. >> after a 23 minute tour the miners bid farewell. the little guys want to say goodbye now. i say goodbye to a beautiful family of the very much. down
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here we 30 streamliners are walking hand in hand with god. chile's president says it could still be christmas before they're able to get the miners out although a special drill my appeal to speed things up we will have to see. today's the first day of peace talks between israel and palestinians. hosted by president barack obama. the talks in truth is 08 and has any president. as was the leaders of egypt and jordan. at the forefront israel's blockade of gaza. will we back with more in just one minute. we have a firm note. will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will
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move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back. a peak of the james lick, nice and toasty in san francisco, nobody, no traffic.
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welcome back, we get that forecast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. if it was that high yesterday, but to
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date. what is up for the holiday weekend, cooling down we lose 10 degrees or more by tomorrow. saturday and sunday just sliding into recession late. now that is the way it's gonna be freer labor day. then we have a cool down in store for the next word greek or you can see were in the mid to upper '70's the best beach days are harshly today and tomorrow. as you can see by the weekend it is sort of normal. 6465 degrees. a bridge checked, look at the commune. the bay bridge you can see the approach caltrans is doing more, to less lanes that are supposed to be closed between the incline and the island announced 05. 35 minutes more bad traffic is light no backups everyone is just breezing through. san mateo, easy commute. more company though, it is nice not to be alone. drive time was run
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92 to 1 01 is just wrote minutes. golden gate bridge, of looking terrific. and almost deserted a nice time to take a picture if you don't want anyone on the bridge. from highway 37 down to this point. 21 minutes. albany, ore. 80, and forget albany. albany is that bridge. steve jobs to the stages james san francisco at the apple news events showing off new live hogs. and all the avenues stuff. tech reporter gave slate was there, he choses what happened. >> there's a new ad had been out their threats the existing then on jobs and a nap. they got rid of the school real evidence of the dutch. fully touchscreen device. also cliff into the bedroom. because of six colors,
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even pre order now, should so next week. $149 a hundred and $79 for the 16th. there's a new 55 shuffle, it is similar to the second-generation people did not like the third generation without the balance. so that it back the bonds and is smaller. it is now a small shovel yet. it comes in five colors $49 to unclear now ships of this week. there's a fine touch. this one is thinner, lighter i held that i really liked it very late, easy and a pocket. better screen four times the pixels that the camera you can take pictures and 80 video. the editor friend facing camera for video chatting steve news face time video chat that's a new feature gavin kron4. it's to hundred and $30 to $4 depending on the storage size. you can pre order now judson this week. the new apple tv this one is smaller, thinner and it is tiny.
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at ltv connect your home more fight in your living room tv see you can rent hdtv shows and movies from apple stream them and watch them on your tv. the new apple tv will be $99 a concern for weeks. gabe slate, kron4 news.
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will taking a look at the like. you can hardly see 101 or 80. no five-year window. which is nice. it is a warm one. like you said a lot of people do not have a see in their performance to give you usually donated. glass that would deny this. absolutely. a lot of ice packs for different folks stop them sleep because of the warm temperatures another one similarity is today temperatures could even be warmer. today could be the warmest day of the week so far. back up into triple digits and some of this and in spots a
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cooling trend sets in somalia much colder by year labor day. kron temperatures still pretty warm, 70 still. 71 degrees and standards as group. 69 to zero oakland. hayward, concord. '70s and any act. so i wrote 7:00, mature '60s, '70s. nuns on the and the we released it heated up. notice of this red widespread 90s by as early as noon then as we head towards 3:00, your afternoon highs topping out for the most are in the '90s. of mr. bush's is triple digits of your peace prize the reaction break it into the center mark. here's a look at some in the numbers getting up to about 98 santa rosa. 97 degrees for fairfield done to send a file. mill valley ritter and 94 degrees. along the peninsula much more '90s. 94
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degrees in san mateo and over to the east bay temperatures in the '90s as well. 94 is the common number of your san leandro. they were. here's or so others triple digits and briton to the low spots and jaqueline degrees one- to-one and ceremony. also to livermore. said a upper 90s and triple digits red across the board. 97 for run view, 98 santa clara. coupled triple digits to corporate you know. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that a cooling trend still warm to moscow could see livermore and the way of coastal fog. saturday, sunday closing conditions not too bad, calling it run down by the latter part of your weekend, and and your labor day as well. . . will he get the commute, it's of trees this morning at the bay bridge. just a few more cars during the
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fresnel and heading toward san francisco. the commute time in the maze to the city still just nine minutes. the key of the san mateo bridge, still there. and it was there's human it's a girl, but a lot more people living on the roads. i'm noticing view board had at the door here's the dealers a few more people. san mateo gets mired the most road rigid this moment. golden gate gets their word for nobody is on the the ball. look to that, this choir this bridge rid of will or bond golden gate is a crisis then they then san details. popularity contest of the sour crude is is nothing else talk about. albany which it promised two months ago, albany is pretty good, nothing slowing down on the shore freeway. light traffic, serve you right from herd to burke. 11 minutes. an actor developing story investigators in several bay area law enforcement agencies
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are looking for missing hercules man who could be the fifth victim killed by a suspect to was gunned down by the chp in richmond. kron4 team coverage of multiple murders this band 3 bay area cities let's start with reggie kumar, he has more from the outset, and vallejo were two victims were found. >> investigators plan to be here all night, you can see that large trucks behind me that is being used to load of chemicals investigators believe to make explosive materials that's why charles rittenhouse has been charged with possessing explosives. now he is also being looked up for the murders of two women found inside the home one of those women is his wife. also efferent call tomorrow is being looked at as a possible suspect in the death of these two women investigators are still trying to piece together clues, evidence that may leak these two men to these murders. .
4:34 am
fladeboe, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> several homes around the one where the bodies were found were evacuated yesterday in this neighborhood because they also found explosive materials inside the house. the bomb squad came, they removed those. a this point they feel it is safe and the neighbors have been allowed back into their own. continuing our coverage with doll land in hercules he has the latest on the murder of an elderly man there. including a possible motive and the continuing search for them and son. >> looking to recover solace, missing since saturday police of the confined here because this the area where the fun and a bit in cadillac of the slate. waldemar was a last chance to drive this car. police say they do not know whether not he is
4:35 am
better live. >> please read his body in the house, they say all the mayor had been the man to death. please do not know what he did solace, they're still looking for him. the tussaud's is new him through his girlfriend said the trend, they have rented rooms and is hercules has from trent. she is the owner. he's sought something romantic was going on between his girlfriend and one of the solaces. please did not find a young man at this park, they went to escalate to look for blood. in hercules, dahlin, kron4 news. >> of march have discovered his
4:36 am
body was found in record bridge after you shot and killed by the chp after a big chase that ended in richmond. we of continuing coverage of the story on our website at and all the drinking is will be posted their immediately. new this morning, san francisco police are searching for this woman, they are afraid for her safety because she has alzheimer's, a year-old yun leak was reported missing after she left her home. she only speak cantonese. you biden united states about the coach's son she frequents mclaren park and san bruno ave. she's a 53, when under tons, gray hair brown eyes last seen wearing a long sleep red shirt, black pants and black shoes. all new details on the hurricane evacuation, hurricane earl is spiraling towards the stairs, the monster
4:37 am
category four-star is expected to reach north carolina by this evening. now they're saying it could make lanes for. it sounds as the land that are concerned. people of this year being warned to get city. >> to all, from this point i read 3,500 ft. the u.s. coast guard is on star patrol. the flight takes over the border bridge of a rugged land dick. about 1,500 mi. of coast from north carolina but the eastern seaboard to new jersey. >> report echoes a rather greater we're looking for is the many ships and vessels are here. warning alert voters about hurricane earl that is forecast during parts of this messy into raging storms. (inaudible) this
4:38 am
war is and always made some vessels that's why these aerial patrols are about to order safety. hurricanes are incredibly unpredictable a one. ways and hurting each unit would that be a big deal we all know how that turned out. all it's a print of move by the coast guard now matter in the lancet ahead of a possible storm like her general. >> we have new details in the gulf course owes bill. today engineers are in a trend remove this temporary cap on the llano well that caused the worst
4:39 am
offshore will still in u.s. history. fed officials say it's unlikely that more crude will see, they're not giving any guarantees. while collection vessels will be on standby just in case there's a problem. meantime bp says it is that more than $5 million a week on advertising since the gulf spill. that is three times the amount normally spend. a congressman says they should be spending more money and spill victims unless some polishing its image..
4:40 am
say the man whose strength of the headquarters of the discovery channel reportedly talked some phone with the network news producer as here's hoping to the man got on the
4:41 am
phone and said yet again in several bombs. he was shot and killed by police after about hours of negotiation that failed. the hostages are kate. a third disease say he headed for dusting the jazz programming for years arguing that they're not doing enough to help the planet. robert t. i and his new wife have been arrested on drug charges. after police smelled something coming from the car it rendered to be fought. the arrested last night for possession of controlled substance. 7 several writer last hollywood during a traffic stop. bayless said 10,000 no word on if they're selling gas. a homeless man who kron 991 from the hot tub a visitor and carl hahn announced recalls hobgoblin egon said in trouble for trespassing. this is called.
4:42 am
>> four seasons pole over here off of murray and allen. believe it or not on a share from washington to buy a been this hot tub for least an hour's biking i dared to stop and let me out. nordhausen nothing. caissons of you but the real. >> what did you get in there >> the police the man is an estimate this is their earlier and your nine an hour later share. where will a.m. is a resident of four seasons now risen anymore. i need about to send somebody >> are you sure you do many medical sell? >> i need a hug and a warrant for hodge are good that would be great.
4:43 am
>> he one of the hut and hot chocolate the newspaper says officers one responded. a liberal about a tall but they also arrested him for second- degree criminal justice and in proper use of 91. the things you here. will we back with more in just a minute. let's take a break at the san mateo bridge. goaded by me as the most trouble break at the san mateo bridge. goaded by me as the most trouble bridge in my name is...peggy. what is problem, please? peggy? sure...well... suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty.
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it pays to discover. new details in the shooting of a fremont police officer officer todd young remains in hospital, recovering after a shootout the suspects in oakland. the oakland police chief yesterday said that young reached the hospital just- in-time for doctors to save his life. as kron4 reports there's a
4:45 am
blood drive yesterday to help speed his recovery. the daylong blood drive was held here, on behalf of fremont police officer jawed young who was wounded in the line of duty. as you concede there are dozens and dozens of students all kinds of police officers from around the area as those others in the community to stop by here to rope the slaves and donate appointed lead. since last week when he is ordered by a suspect in east oakland. he may still need more procedures and more transfusions. his long ties to the community here he's a grudge rid of santa clara hospital his mother were toured the school for many years to kids in school district. you can see the kind of turnaround on his behalf the blood that he does monday will be donated to local blood banks. he is currently listed in serious but stable condition. >> we want to delegate the
4:46 am
weather, sierra things are shaping up to date. this'll be a hot as there are was yesterday? >> very similar do not be surprised if we see temperatures are a little warmer them there were yesterday. in some spots it could be the warmest day of the week. up into the triple digits today, a clear shot this morning. we're not dealing with any broad, if you're heading north oakland 66. 82. high-temperature close to the 90 degree mark. 89. the back down again 78 degrees by the rock hour. here's a look at some of those numbers, this is were we can expect. 92 degrees at sfo, concord 100 degrees, this is now above average, san francisco sfo about 20 degrees above we typically are. concord rate of that century mark which is 11 degrees above average. 95
4:47 am
for a cap number, 90 in santa rosa, 98 degrees in san estate. oakland 90 degrees. so that he wait continues from yesterday will continue with those really warm temperatures, just another really warm day and back to not be surprised if we see plenty of triple digits. 71 degrees and standards as car, pretty warm in the peninsula 66 degrees for oakland. concord over the antioch, the '70s 72 degrees. fremont 73, warm start the they continue in the '60s and '70s bizarre rock hour by plenty of '90s nineties look like they're going to be the most for those afternoon highs for we might see some triple digits work their way into the forecast. here's a look to draft new highs 98 degrees for sinners up 99 for sonoma. standards of getting in raider
4:48 am
94. along the peninsula 83 dancers san francisco and daly city. upper seventies along the coast. sam antar, hayward dunnage union city temperature 94. getting it to 96 in castro valley. inland temperatures in the triple digits through concord, walnut creek, antioch ringing in the triple digits. we could reach them into the afternoon. upper 90s, a triple digits expected for at your south bay forecast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. hot day to day cooling trend as we head toward the rest of the weekend to address the weekend. labor day in noticeable call them. darya. >> let's see if we notice any more cars on the road. still freeing clear the drive from here to the maze is is nine
4:49 am
minutes. that is looking good. 10 minutes away from them to finishing up that work on the upper deck. san mateo, is what i said it was the busiest you can still low and traffic. westbound 92 on the right-hand side that is clear direction golden gate has been a very quiet. no one is up yet. may be in about 45 minutes. but rainout the golden gate is terrific. court is on the sun comes up because of your far there. looking at the james lick, which crushed when i arrived at 3:00 a.m. it was still 70 degrees, and hope you're able to sleep in the heat louisa sang another hot one job. james lick looks good. speaking of traffic, let's talk about the bay bridge, kron4 stanley roberts has that in this edition of people beating badly. >> it's been 60 days since an
4:50 am
uprising went into effect, yet drivers are still stopping to pay their troll's. like the driver of the saturn her daughter on the south of the tour group. the diver begins to back up. then just sits there. as richard jury position to get a better shot. the driver then heads to with number one. then proceeds to ruth. now this time known as pri announced it of art and drama a patrol server 1000 river very fast plaza keep watching. >> he apparently sides heard the boos after jiang told. so the passenger's sides to do an inspection. right smack in the middle of the highway. i cannot. this is one of the serious moments of my career watching
4:51 am
this man in the middle of interstate 80 doing a damage assessment of very dangerous. for the record don't stop and lanes of traffic and don't stop in the fast track lanes even if you're from your job. >> faster again the lady was entered will melt. >> all i can leave you without the driving rhythm on their shot. of the bay bridge toll plaza stanley roberts far kron4 news. >> if your honor story idea for stanley dean and ed people behaving badly at it sees rising about tough times this week 1000 california schoolteachers got their wish is granted everything from pencils partners to the experts. says it's a dream come true for her innocence. >> this may be the first week of
4:52 am
school but here it feels like christmas. they've seen all the bart system and so they're like this is great. had we openings it's like christmas. >> this and other bosses arrive today inside not tories but practical things like in cartridges for printers the budget cuts are getting pretty hard. we debated the tab for basic things like pencils. today is different. technology is so expensive but as a teacher i can by bundles of paper but i can't afford to buy eight so that renters to much money. it draws thousands of dollars and said she is one of a thousand teachers who got their wish is granted for $1.3 million donation from donors for everything from pencils and pens to for georges even this digital camera. i think it makes me
4:53 am
better teacher. started a decade ago to give teachers a place to prost where they need what they needed most. the duration was one of the biggest is given. it came from san francisco about $3,000 worth she plans to make the most of it. san resister, vicki of the darkest period >> programming change,on nbc wee nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday back. a look good side of san francisco from our refund finesse. you can see that all is
4:54 am
clear inquiry now it is 62 degrees in livermore we thought we did a different spot. 62 and livermore. livermore is an asea high pop of a hundred and one. there's a hot
4:55 am
welcome back to kron4 morning news, time now is for 54 you're looking at shot of on the creek, a clear shot. nobody in sight it's a pretty warm out there. if you're heading to livermore, 62 degrees, in time 94. the afternoon high is expected to begin. ready o'clock hour. elsewhere still 71 degrees in san francisco. as you head further inland temperatures are still on the upper 60s to concord. hayward. any are still in the '70s. coming in around 72
4:56 am
10:00 borrowed see funny '70's maybe even a few eighties. new heating and that pretty quickly a mixture of '80s and '90s, 3:00 trapped in eyes topping out in the '90s. all this purple choses triple digits. dennis of the as well. here's a look of some of those numbers 98 degrees bay and santa rosa. there will be a warm one. along the coast, the cooler spot is being 86 degrees. daly city ritter and 87. records at the improv. 89 for berkeley and fremont 94. here's those triple digits, a hundred degrees for walnut creek. one no one in three livermore and pleasanton. cupertino, los gottas triple
4:57 am
digits elsewhere temperatures in the upper 90s. as we head towards labour day a bitter divorce forecast, much cooler. san francisco does not like it's getting good of the '60s. maybe the low 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that cooling trend starting to take effect, still warm day. not towards the end of the week ended your labor day the wizard to cool things down. nationwide the worry and the talk is the hurricane intact is a press conference aboard to get under way this is just a shot of the podium, will bring it to what happens. rain now as we of hurricane warnings and watches. covering parts of massachusetts. a live look at the bay bridge, you can see that things are looking good caltrans has wrapped up their work all lanes are open. rainout oakland is 66
4:58 am
degrees a high of 89 later today. ãqw@,
4:59 am
5:00 am
ibm, the top stories police and light of continuing their investigation into a series of murders. it ended with the suspect being killed by the chp to the victims you see protozoa. communities in north carolina to new england are keeping a close eye and powerful hurricane are all as it is steaming towards the eastern seaboard here in the bay area our concern is steaming temperatures. it is a hotly denied. another day pretty similar to area's today but even warmer. some of these centers are bird 20 degrees of over which typically be seeing. they just come members. as the
5:01 am
christine coleman also and are there. after new highs 92 degrees today. and concord triple digits. this is how much about our detectors are. 20 degrees of tesoro, cocker 11. 98 in santa rosa. same goes for san jose. but in san jose is above 16 degrees about the seasonal average. oakland or around 89 degrees about 16 degrees or browridge. overall a pretty warm forecast, the heat wave is certainly continuing today. even this morning, keeping those temperatures pretty warm of parents ever does go 71 degrees 66 for oakland. redwood city. hayward, concord road city. many of still the '70s. same goes for fremont. still sing warm temperatures. widespread '70s may be read a few days. and some
5:02 am
of those inland spots. by nan warming it up seeing some nineties. watch the red, if chosen towards the afternoon expect the toddler and the '90s even the chervil digits. that's where the pressures as triple digits and it is working its way into the bay. here's allegre now trapped in her eyes and 90 degrees for standards. 99 for sonoma. mobile a low 90s, finance low 90s as well. paul took from our redwood city 94 and san mateo, 86 hayward, union city, fremont coming in around 94. warm spot cnn's bob springing the triple digits and walnut creek, san ramon, livermore all coming in right around 101. a hundred degrees for cupertino. all-star and the south bay temperatures are coming in the upper 90s.
5:03 am
comparing it to labor day, a big difference from a real cool forecast, partly cloudy not getting a the '60s and san francisco. for san jose, a comfortable 80 degrees for an afternoon i would 83 for livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., it highlights the cooling trend come to ma still want to rock with each day this week we start to take a few debitors off. and then by labor day much cooler. judson and '70s. darya. >> taking a look of traffic, still the same of the bay bridge. it is very light. caltrans is just two minutes ago wrapping up their work on the upper deck all lanes are open, congesting prison has kicked in. it is prime time. $6 to get across the bridge rain now. so from the macarthur maze to the city, the drive time is 9 minutes. san mateo, looking well travel that is our but everyone is moving up the limit both
5:04 am
directions look good westbound 92 that is the right-hand side is that made direction toll plaza 101 dry time is 12 minutes looking at how clear it is same over the golden gate, so clear. the golden gate is still and do really none of the great debt. it is a prime 21 minutes from highway 37 on so about 11 to the toll plaza. now to a developing story investigators in several bay area la force agencies looking for a missing hercules man who could be the fifth victim killed by a suspect who was gunned down. this is video and the hercules area where ricardo salas lives. kron4 has teamed coverage of the multiple murders. he was one of those skills, his son is the one who is missing this investigation spanned three bay area cities, was there was reggie kumar. he is more from
5:05 am
outside the home of vallejo where two of the murder victims are found. >> investigators are made at the scene through the night it planned to do so to find more cruz, evidence of this, where the bodies of two women were found reported missing this past weekend. you can see this large truck, this is a mess is loading chemicals, they say believe to be used in making explosive materials. that is right charles rittenhouse was arrested. no one of the victims from inside the hall and was written rss wife and her friends. at this point he is only been charged for every explosive materials, not in charge of murder of his wife and her friend. another attorney is looking at maybe it committed the murders is efren valdemoro efren valdemoro he was shot and care of by chp officers his gruff ride was also found dead inside the car that he was driving when officers were pursuing him. investigators
5:06 am
are still trying to piece this whole puzzle together to transfigured who committed the murders and at home. in vallejo, reggie kumar, kron4 news. around the home there were evacuation's everyone is back home in the neighborhood now they had to get out because they've found explosive materials inside the home where the bodies were found to the bomb squad came, would carry that live. there were searching now. also of a storage locker, there was an explosive materials found as a roll, and our team coverage continues with da lin, who is in hercules, he has the latest on the murder of an elderly man there including a possible. >> 30 spent the entire wednesday searching this business park in hercules they were looking for this man 35 year-old frederick solace. missing since saturday.
5:07 am
police thought they could find in here because this is the area where they found an abandoned cadillac escalate. investigators say the last person who joe is as tv was efren valdemoro he's the man connected all the killings they do not know if he is dead or alive. they did not find it here on wednesday. in hercules, dahlin, kron4 news >> neighbors say that police were often called the vallejo home where efren valdemoro lived they say he would often be led of the house in handcuffs because of frequent arguments remember here's just a guess typically of that from waldemar was no longer allowed the home. he was spotted a few times driving around the neighborhood. >> i have to give normal he steers you crazy. hours yearly
5:08 am
the yelling efren valdemoro he would sit and worry birder's is trustee. >> our coverage continues, we are also posted online the latest news conference in its entirety with all the details, you can count on kron4 and for the. very the we have new details on our hurricane watch, issued for area's of massachusetts 30,000 residents of north carolina's barrier island have been told to move inland as hurricane earl is headed their way. there's a mandatory evacuation order for the island's the category 4 storm winds of a hundred and 35 mi. per hour. it could pose a threat late today or friday for north carolina all the way up to new england. louisa has a look
5:09 am
at girls. >> you can see the hurricane at this point,-strengthening our next 24 hours is a specially to return to the north under moving towards the east coast, expecting to return. so we will keep our eye on it. our real national pastime?
5:10 am
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they could be approaching the bay bridge for the prime prices $6. byrd and prices are gone $6 to get across the drive time is good free and clear from the macarthur maze descent and disco, oakland 66 degrees, looking for nice, warm 89. >> investigators are looking into the cause of this fire that happened in a grass fire in
5:13 am
american hammond. it was 38 years that burned firefighters stayed on the scene late last night to check for any hotspots, this was near i 80 a really spread is zero. fast. non this area so no structures burned down and there were on the cause yet. police say that this man who stormed into the headquarters of the discovery channel and maryland's top on the phone with the network news producer as he is holding three people hostage the man who identified himself as james j. lee got on the phone city had a gun and several bonds. police say it started when heenan had a hand and dropped to his body walked straight into the destruction of building told everybody to freeze, he had a history of protesting the discovery channel in 2008 he was arrested for protesting outside
5:14 am
the building yesterday said the draft ended as you know what him being drawn from a " fight the blaze after hours of negotiation had availed the hostages are ok. we will be rid back.
5:15 am
get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney.
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vendor iniki woody says the nbc he will appear before panel
5:18 am
investigating the financial crisis he'll offer his take on the economic meltdown as well as what he thinks about the potential system ride was posed by large financial institutions. >> another hot day, a clear shot of the golden gate, free of fog, morning and temperatures still in san francisco the current hour. still sitting at about 71 degrees. new and '80s, high temperature in downtown san francisco about 86 degrees. back down again to 76 ready o'clock hour period of soaring temperatures in the '60s through oakland. redwood city. upper 60s and your concord. 72 degrees and in the act. seventies and to fremont. will see plenty of '70s maybe even a few eighties. by about noontime all of this red chairs s and '90s working their way into the forecast3.
5:19 am
chervil did is being brought in by the side of purple reintroduce that justifies as i daniel, livermore let's go look at some of these members getting up to 90 degrees and sarah's. 99 and sonoma. upper 90s to fairfield. along the peninsula temperatures are warm. 97 degrees in palo alto, 94 san mateo, 97 redwood city of palo alto. we could get up to about 90 degrees for alameda. triple digits red cross so your inland spots. 0 valley into antioch. in the south bay, temperatures are in the upper 90s in triple digits. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cooler temperatures to run not by much. still see fairly warm out there, it will probably cool off more significantly greater around the bay. we will keep seventies around in your labor day. tech
5:20 am
of those in downspout really starting to cool it down into the low 80s by your labor day. 60s by the coast a big change in your forecasts from the later part of your weekend. darya. >> thank you, a few more cars heading over the bay bridge. the back of the earlier work on the upper deck all lanes are open, congest in price and so it is $6 to get across the bridge repairs including nine minutes rain now. westbound 92 is moving good. 101 drive time is 12 minutes. the golden gate bridge, it is an empty a few more cars rain now. clear, traffic is light. optimal drive time of 21 minutes from highway 37 up duron tie at 101, sounds the toll plaza. san francisco,
5:21 am
no delays, light traffic, no problems on 101. the day as it is looking good. dried thyme from downtown and georgia is 14 minutes renown. this man canterbury it does is expected of seriously injuring a fremont police officer may be transported back to the bay area today. he was caught and mexico's border, he was held that santa clara has called for the office of the the shot todd young. he was wounded in the line of duty he remains in serious but stable conditions dozens of students fellow officers, other community members showed up to donate. since last week of mr. young has undergone three surgeries, he might still need more procedures and blood transfusions. he's a tragedy and said the clara high, his mama's worked with the
5:22 am
school district for several years. young has two district to kids in the district as well. authorities are looking for this bank robber at least nine banks have been hit by the same night, he struck again just yesterday at the bank of the west at this event in san jose, this is surveillance photo from the bank. it cited in the boulevard, this is back in july. he gave a demand note to the teller to about with an undisclosed amount of money he's believed responsible for robbers and mountain view, redwood city, los gatos, palo park, daly city, and pacifica. on this is in 2010, the first day before it is senators is in the history books now with a sharp exchange democratic barbara boxer sparring with curly free an arena over many issues, offshore drilling, gay marriage afghanistan,, and doug smith worke undocumented workers jobso
5:23 am
center stage. >> i know precisely why the jobs go and i will tell you right, because china for example like texas, brazil, gives companies a huge tax credits help them cut deregulations, reward aren't these, provide access to credit that we need to do we know that she should jobs overseas thousands of them. we know the two fired workers tens of thousands. we also note that she has opposed every jobs bill that we fired on. >> boxer is seeking a third term v an arena is a former ceo of hewlett-packard republicans make up less than a third of registered voters, 20 percent of voters are independent.
5:24 am
5:25 am
you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing this loose or close to the edge. we were going to do things the right way... because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. she was always asking us to be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. she gets in at the heart of the issue... and she'll bring people together to resolve a problem. she's a problem solver. she listens to people around her and she will seek... different and often conflicting points of view. she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision. we can fix california, no question about it.
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5:27 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. with another hot one 101 de, and the injured in the bay, 89 by the bay 78 each for. then when you can go to the
5:28 am
beach, for long labor day weekend will lead to a close down. inland areas their yearlong weekend it will be decent, maybe 90, maybe mid- 80s. the big story weather wise accords nationwide is hurricane or ralston strengthening now as a good rate, like a live look at the beach in ocean city maryland's oil a private carrier now. but look to the waves, rain now the air base of n.c. are in that state, earl is most be hitting thursday night to the other banks but the watches stretch from north carolina to go where covering parts of massachusetts. will your back. .
5:29 am
5:30 am
at, at peak of the ribbon van ness avenue, everything is dark, the improbably tell the lights
5:31 am
there's no fog in the way. we're just waking up to warm temperatures we will ratchet up to me hundred degrees and more today. louisa. >> somewhat yesterday, it is going to be hot meeting currently see a clear shot lead the golden gate. no fog a hot afternoon. triple digits are affected. much much cooler, for your labor day. here's a look to your current temperatures, you can see them getting up to about 92 degrees sfo. for concord, triple digits. napa 95 degrees, all of these temperatures are well above where which typically see. getting into the upper 90s today. 16 degrees warmer there which should typically be. 89 degrees about 16 degrees above the seasonal
5:32 am
average. still warm this morning at 71. 61 for oakland, redwood city. also dunnage fremont as well. by about 10:00, warming and up by a '70s. maybe even a few eighties. by about noon with the action is our disease and '90s. your afternoon high around 3:00 she prius and 90's and triple digits. at your highs getting up to then 98 for santa rosa. low 90s% above, mill valley, the layout. along the peninsula temperatures around 86 degrees as ever discover, '90s december and all the way down san mateo. palo alto, redwood city opera '90s. 90s to san diego, upper 80s through berkeley. walnut creek is a hundred degrees. hundred to concord. the sets bay raises
5:33 am
temperatures into the upper 90s and also the triple digits. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cooling trend coming into mob. a little bit of coastal fog as well, cooling the temperature is off towards labor day. darya. >> a peek at traffic, now we have some more for extending the road, you can see the approach to the bay bridge no meeting lights let yet. the dow some have likened this impression is in place. that did the six bucks. " but i wasn't done with the bay bridge or divine. san mateo no problems. moving at the limit. 12 minute drive time from the toll plaza 3101. golden gate bridge has been the quietest. the look of this traffic is picking up. we definitely have more cars are hitting the bridge, it means the commute in marin county has started on 101. still the drive time is as good as it gets from highway 37 of your novato. it is a 21 minute
5:34 am
ride feel, but let us go down to san jose, are you definitely have a lot of company on the road on 101 do this out bay. no promise to report from cnn's san jose and santa clara is 12 minutes. >> investigators in several bay area law enforcement agencies are looking for a missing hercules man coming here his photo, they think that he could be the fifth victim killed by a suspect who was gunned down by the chp in richmond his name is frederick solace, he is the son of an elderly hercules man was found dead last weekend. he is missing this morning kron4 as team coverage of the multiple murders this since we bay area cities. let's start with reggie kumar has the latest. >> investigators plan to be here at the scene in front of this, all night you can see that large truck behind me, it is being
5:35 am
used to load of chemicals the investigators believe to make explosive materials that is what charles written house has been charged for possessing explosive materials now is also being locked up for the murders of two women found inside the home. also efren valdemoro is being of debt for possible suspect investigators or still trying to piece together clues come evidence that may link these two men to these murders. in vallejo, reggie kumar kron4 news. >> let's take a look at the time line from a break down what is happened so far in this case. on august 22nd place for call to her: hercules to break them some kind of fight between efren valdemoro record, wrote and his son the missing man frederick solace. to vallejo women were reported missing, on the 28
5:36 am
ricardo salas was found dead, and the 31st the bodies of women allen and smart were found ed allen's home in vallejo, waldemar have frequently stated their fault and he had been seen as one driving a truck escalate. also on august 3rd referred to see to be found while tomorrow and fatally shot him after a chase that ended in a richmond. when they checked carey was driving his girlfriend city transit had been dead. she was in the car. our coverage continues of these multiple murder investigations spinning three cities in the bay area, count on us and our web site at we have the latest press conference there on our website. new details this morning is evacuations are underway as hurricane earl is barreling now towards these cows the monster storm is expected to reach north
5:37 am
carolina's coast by this evening. residents are bracing for the worse. sitting in their reports from the data banks. >> many people in north carolina are stocking up end gearing up for hurricane rob. >> getting enough stuff for today's. we're gaspar he is so lucrative we need to. what strength. >> the evacuation went into effect wednesday. which is expected to get harvested. north carolina is area's state of emergency as many homes, businesses reported up to weather the storm. >> we have under the opportunity to get our hurricane readiness. safety is always a barometer. for north carolina and how we treat any weather event is not expected to make landfall in the u.s.. many forecasts show it will travel just of the east coast making
5:38 am
landfall in nova scotia. many states will fill the force of the storm's winds and rain. hurricane watches and warnings are up. those of places like massachusetts, connecticut are being called up in the event of the storm. many people have seen their neighbors leave town are hoping girl will pass on by. >> maybe it will go by quickly and we give back to normal. >> president barack obama signed a disaster declaration and strong winds and heavy rain is forecast to hit here late tonight. >> will be back with more in just a couple of minutes to do not galway this is a live look at walnut creek 680 the headlights are sinking around on their the creek will be one of the areas there will bay today, a hot one. will your back.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
he and live look and the golden
5:42 am
gate, it is crystal clear, warm are ready, san francisco is 68 degrees. hunting for a high of 86. a little cool down for labor day labor day weekend may be a challenge for hyatt hotel members. thousands of hotel workers are planning to protest what they call the attempt to lock workers into a permanent recession. management continues to benefit from the recovery. their three rallies planned throughout the day at the hyatt regency near as a vote embarcadero and santa clara. new details apis for elementary schoolteacher under arrest for possessing child porn, 26 road our exports of antioch. he is its picture at he was arrested at the school. police say they found server computers and
5:43 am
storage devices containing thousands of images of child pornography at his house. he's also a coach and a lifeguard for a local server team. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. on this toasty thursday, here's a shot outside
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
destined to kron4 the numbers of people requesting unemployment benefits declined for the second straight week the labor department just this morning say new claims for unemployment fell last week by 6000. to seasonally adjusted 472,000. economists had expected a slight increase. the four week average of claims fell by 2500 to four under and 85,500 it is the first decrease after for st. john's. >> clear of from this morning as
5:47 am
you can see from our bay bridge approach camera but we are also warm and their. not with warm temperatures and your afternoon it will warm once again today, temperatures warmer than yesterday. currently 67 degrees been in getting up to 81 high temperature of 89. back down again to 76. here's a look rainout at different temperatures down to read 60 degrees in san francisco, 67 for oakland, hayward. 66 in concord. by about 10:00 hour warming up funny and '70s. are it up pretty quickly once again today finance and '90s. you can see by all this red the stores to fill in cream more '90s. even central digits as well. still keeping warm widespread '70s maybe even a few eighties. here's a look trapped in her eyes, 98 degrees for standards. 99 for sonoma.
5:48 am
also along the peninsula at temperatures in the '80s. 86 for san francisco, 90s in december and up. 97 degrees it will be hot on the peninsula over the state from the upper 80s to berkeley, oakland 96 in castro valley. those in the spot spring temperatures in the upper 90s, breaking into the triple digits. donna says ray topping and in the upper 90s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares a cooling trend for the rest of the weekend the weekend. every day will be cool. darya. let's do another traffic checked a gala the bridge. and the purchase of urgency is free, a clear no metering lights are anything. congest in prison now. it will cross u.s. exports if you're paying cash. traffic is light dry time the macarthur maze to the city is nine minutes. san mateo way let's go
5:49 am
to the golden gate, really quiet. light traffic. so if you're going say from novato on 37 and 101 down to the toll plaza it will take you 21 minutes. now let's get a similar tale. on this topic around here. san mateo a lot of traffic or company on the bridge, was found 92 is it me inside everyone is running at the speed limit that is good news, 92 from the toll plaza to one no one is 12 minutes. and we have a quick update on ac transit, ac transit board met late last night trying to decide which services to drop because of the budget shortfall. on the table is weekend service, stopping certain lines or cutting back service on certain times of the day they could begin in december they did not make any final decisions the board will meet again later this month ac transit buses serve commuters and allemande that ancaster country. new details on
5:50 am
the golf course or a spell engineers today are going to try to remove this temporary calf on the loan while the cause the worst offshore drilling disaster in history. officials say it is unlikely that more crude will leak but they're not giving any guarantees, while vessels will be on standby just in case there is a problem. bp says it has been spending more than $5 million a week on advertising. since the gospel that is three times the amount they usually spend a four congresswoman says they should be spending more money on spill victims and less on collagen its image. cards are company avis says it is raising the cash portion of its bid for dollar thursday as it rows hurts for the buyout. feel the bid price be as much as $1.5 billion reported they favored working at a deal turning out a
5:51 am
counteroffer. $30 has been concern that avis may not get the approval of antitrust regulators. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. this friday, the giants game will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on that's with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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their in force during the go- ahead run from second base on a wild pitch during their needs in helping to the mainland to come and a career words five starts did. i live on the punch each other so upbeat. he was denied his fifth attempt at renters record a when the bands have another game on the contras pulling in three games in the national league after san diego lost its seventh in a row. annie's finally giving the yankees and conditions. kevin cruz man of hate to run homer for oakland and brett anderson only about one in earned run but the a's fell to 18 against the north a do burnett bounces back from an awful august and the yankees beat the egg white 643. after much of his vacation at the ceo steve jobs unveiled what
5:56 am
all the buzz was about five and a mud cheaper apple tv. kate said was there. >> there is a live minnow that basically took the it is his thing and i interrupted and have. they got rid of this orwell and added malted touched to the strain is now i fully touchscreen devise they also added the clip to the back. because the six colors you can pre order now, shippers are next week under the $49 for the gig hundred and 79 for the 16th. there's a power shovel similar to the second generation people did not like the third generation of the shuffle with the buttons. they added back the bonds, made smaller. it is now a small shovel yet. comes in five colors and even clearer. it should so next week. and as a new i've tried judge there's run as an hour, lighter, how did it is light, easy on a pocket. better scheme for terms of drexel's. the that the camera you can take pictures and 80
5:57 am
video. the editor friend facing camera for video jutting steve news the face of video chat that's the navy jeff kron4. it is tender and $30 to $4 depending on the storage sides yupik. to compare now ships and next week. new apple tv, smaller, will fit in your hand is tiny. apple tv next your home live by in your living in a tv see you can rent hdtv shows and movies from apple, stream and watch the river and in tv. i will be $99 comes and in four weeks. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> a d get san francisco as we see this and start to come out, it is going to be a hot one. you can tell a dispute over shot all is still, clear where latino warm temperatures never got cold overnight. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
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